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The 4 NVC steps made simple

Are you just starting Nonviolent Communication or want a refresher? My newest video has a simple overview of how you translate something that might be hard to hear for the other person into a message that is clear and connecting.      Get the Need Sheet: click here Get the Tough Talk Preparation Sheet: […]

Help I can’t find my NVC need!

Are you having a hard time finding your need sometimes? In this video I share 3 things that might be blocking you from connecting to your need, and how you can overcome those. Hint: Digging hard to find it usually doesn’t work…   Get the needs list: click here Give your reaction in the comment section underneath!

How to do an NVC check-in for connection

My most used habit in NVC is doing a check-in round. When I get home at the end of the day I do it with my partner. When I meet a friend we connect this way. I propose it to my fellow entrepeneurs at my co-working space. Just because this way of connecting creates instant […]


Wanna fall asleep easily? I’ve got the perfect recording for you! ​ I’ve spent days listening to the best sleep meditations, selecting everything that was effective and turning it into an NVC -proof practice for you. The majority of you wanted a gratitude practice included, so, voila, I added that too!

Do you over-empathize?

Do you sometimes listen to someone longer than you really enjoy? Or does part of you think that listening is more noble, more NVC than expressing?I used to. Until I noticed that was super exhausting and not fun..I wanna share with you how I turned this thing of over-empathising with others around.  

BEFORE YOU GO!Stuck in the communication with someone?

Use my Tough Talk Preparation Sheet for an easy, connecting talk. Let me know where I can send it!