This is a super soft and self-connecting meditation based on Nonviolent Communication, that is short and easy enough to do on a daily basis.



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  1. Montse León Camacho says:

    I needed it to start the day. I am in a very sensitive moment, lots of stress and different changes in my life going on. And starting the day and reconnect with myself to try to improve it, has left me in good shape. Thank you.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you Marianne for this very great little meditation. I noticed so much sadness when I felt that love is what I need so much, it made me cry a lot. I wonder how this is possible since I have a partner who loves me a lot. But somehow this need is so deep and it feels this yearning for love can never be fulfilled. I am quite astonished by this and wonder how to deal with it. But it fits the picture of over empathetic completely. Your videos are all very constructive.

  3. suzanne long says:

    I am often mindful during the day but to do it within meditation and with the attention of another person helped me to focus and get clear quite quickly about my need which was for courage and to be seen and my feeling which was hesitation because I am going to a contentious meeting shortly. Thank you.

  4. Ruth says:

    This was very honoring, soothing, and supportive of finding what was there – A surprisingly efficient way to become aware of my need. Thank you!


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