How can we listen beyond labels about someone’s gender, race, or handicap..I’m giving you 5 tips to do so in a demonstration with Mattias.



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  1. Jennifer Kindred says:

    That was an incredible demonstration of NVC and how to apply it in a natural way. Just beautiful! And your “bonus brother” is such a treasure! Thank you for this demonstration!

  2. Diane Smith says:

    I really enjoy your blogs that demonstrate NVC in action. It really helps me to integrate the concepts. Understanding NVC intellectually is easy, but putting it into practice I find is extremely difficult. I feel your demonstrating help me to connect to hopefulness that I might actually be able to do the four steps of NVC one day. Also that one day the world will evolve into naturally doing NVC. Thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your videos

  3. Alyson Hackett says:

    I am happy to learn about chatting about personal traits and abilities that can be hot button topics openly. When and how do you decide when to open up conversations about labels?

  4. Mirek says:

    Hi Marianne, for me – after reading about giving empathy – to see how you gives empathy to your relative, is a next step leading to managing the art.
    A few days ago I read on
    that „People with intellectual and developmental disabilities, especially when stressed, may have trouble speaking in and interpreting NVC style. If this is the case, use clear and direct communication.“
    I do not understand this statement, for me NVC is pretty clear and direct. What do you think about that statement?
    IMHO you made an example in this video that even with „different“ person NVC is usefull.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Marianne van Dijk says:

      Hi Mirek, thanks for your commment. For me what is said on the website is not fully clear: what does ‘clear and direct’ communication mean? Is it still meant to be NVC or something else? So I dont know what to think of it 🙂 But thanks for your appreciation, it’s a relief to receive cuz somehow it felt like a big responsibility this video, somehow carrying the vulnerability of both me and MAttias.

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