Are you just starting Nonviolent Communication or want a refresher? My newest video has a simple overview of how you translate something that might be hard to hear for the other person into a message that is clear and connecting.



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  1. Kris says:

    Thank you again, Marianne. I found parts of this clip a little fast. For example, you skipped quite fast over the Request option, How do you feel when you hear this? I find this a really useful request in many situations, it slows the process down, allows the other some space to check in with themselves

  2. Natasha says:

    Thank you for this clear and simple approach!
    Do you have a sheet to download which has actual scripts and examples of ways of saying observations, needs and requests that connect rather than cause unease or negative reactions? In this video you said that all so warmly in a way that inspires connection, you used the right words and right tone without blame. Any scripts for that please?
    Thank you for your efforts, I love your videos and I practice NVC with my kids a lot. But I still need the fine tuning, therefore my request to you.

  3. Kettie Schwartz says:

    Thank you, Marianne, for another valuable video! A good reminder of the process.
    What I’d like to suggest is, if you can make another video about the preface to the four parts. What I mean is for example ,when you make the observation you say “I noticed…”
    or before you say your needs, you say ” I guess I have a need for…” and before you make the request ,”So, I was wondering about….”.
    I find that this sometimes make the difference how it would be accepted by the other person. It’s like soften the conversation rather than making it too direct and technically.
    I’d love to hear your opinion


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