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When someone refuses to talk

What if someone does not want to continue a conversation with you? Very nice to know NVC, but kind of hard when someone doesn’t want to speak with you..right? Wrong! The solution to this is pretty easy, and I’m gonna share it with you in my next video!      Get the Need Sheet […]

The 4 NVC steps made simple

Are you just starting Nonviolent Communication or want a refresher? My newest video has a simple overview of how you translate something that might be hard to hear for the other person into a message that is clear and connecting.      Get the Need Sheet: click here Get the Tough Talk Preparation Sheet: […]

Help I can’t find my NVC need!

Are you having a hard time finding your need sometimes? In this video I share 3 things that might be blocking you from connecting to your need, and how you can overcome those. Hint: Digging hard to find it usually doesn’t work…   Get the needs list: click here Give your reaction in the comment section underneath!

How to do an NVC check-in for connection

My most used habit in NVC is doing a check-in round. When I get home at the end of the day I do it with my partner. When I meet a friend we connect this way. I propose it to my fellow entrepeneurs at my co-working space. Just because this way of connecting creates instant […]


Wanna fall asleep easily? I’ve got the perfect recording for you! ​ I’ve spent days listening to the best sleep meditations, selecting everything that was effective and turning it into an NVC -proof practice for you. The majority of you wanted a gratitude practice included, so, voila, I added that too!