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  1. Gina Macioce says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I am so grateful for your work. You have helped me find a way through very uncomfortable situations! I am not at all comfortable to receive Corona inoculation. I have watched doctors on utube who have made it their life’s passion to research the actual mechanism that occurs in the body w the mRNA design. From their studies, they postulate that it could cause long term stress on all our organ systems. People reply w raised tone of voice that they don’t want to talk about this, maybe because they just received it. They say they would feel more comfortable if I just comply. I feel frightened about my loved ones who have already had it, and lonely that I might not be able to travel because I won’t have a vaccination passport. I am a holistic health kind of person who takes daily responsibility for preventative well-being in a big way and feel frustrated this is not considered into this possible blanket policy. Any tips how to talk to others about this? It’s a very touchy subject for everyone.

  2. Susan K Crowley says:

    It’s one thing to read about this from a book, but something else to hear your tone of voice and examples. You’re a super role model for good communication. Thank you!

  3. Aitch says:

    Very useful tips , please could you consider creating a video to help with when a partner does not think Covid is as bad or exists, having terrible arguments around this topic as our beliefs are so far apart, and I feel very unsafe

  4. Annie Scott says:

    Hi Marianne, thanks for this! I do really like acronyms when letters stand for words. CUPIDO is easy to remember although I needed to listen again to remember what the I and D stood for… so that is helpful learning. I am grateful, It meets my needs for inspiration and stimulus. I recently wrote a map for courageous conversations and had three versions to work for different people on a spectrum – the simple version, the expanded one and the detailed one. Each built on the previous. I can sense that for me it would be fun to play with other acronyms for requests. For example PALS = Positive, Accepting ( of the possibility of “no” ) from Love, and Specific. I hope you like it. x


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