Wanna fall asleep easily? I’ve got the perfect recording for you!

I’ve spent days listening to the best sleep meditations, selecting everything that was effective and turning it into an NVC -proof practice for you.

The majority of you wanted a gratitude practice included, so, voila, I added that too!

Do you sometimes listen to someone longer than you really enjoy? Or does part of you think that listening is more noble, more NVC than expressing?

I used to. Until I noticed that was super exhausting and not fun..I wanna share with you how I turned this thing of over-empathising with others around.


This is a brand new video series in which I’m sharing spontaneous insights and learnings about NVC with you in a more raw way by using my phone (as opposed to setting up my whole studio). It will be very personal videos 🙂

In this episode I’m sharing a classic mistake my partner and I made in a conflict and how you can prevent making that.

Let me know your questions in the comments!

Want to start meditating?

This is my NVC based meditation combined with a gratitude practice. The meditation takes 15 minutes, the ideal time for your brain to get all the benefits! The gratitude practice takes another 5 minutes.

Leave your comment on the meditation below! Should I make a shorter one, and if yes, what length? Want one for the evening instead?