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    I found this video very helpfull (even more than other videos you have made) because we have real life situations and you analyze each one with a lot of depth so that we can really understand the ‘mistakes’ in communication and very tiny details that can make a difference. I would really appreciate more videos with this or other shoes. Thank you

  2. Hannah Kat says:

    I love this!! Thankyou and agree with all you said. Fun and helpful way of learning NVC and you put it all so non-judgmentally! Really enjoy the way you use examples and demonstrate how to say things in lots of different scenarios whilst explaining the reasoning behind it. Yes please to more. 🙏💕

  3. Minna Bruce says:

    I found this a REALLY interesting exercise.. it’s an intriguing way to look at how we might react through the way that these people react.. very very helpful. Marianne, your comments were fascinating and I was engrossed all the way through.

  4. isabelle says:

    I find the commenting on people’s reactions really helpful. Not so much in the form of a date, but just you explaining about being in the head, about ways to better connect…

  5. clara andriessen says:

    The dialogues were a nice and effective example to work with for you to explain things I think, even though the integrity of the program makes me cringe a bit. But I liked to hear the things you suggested, that was helpful to me. It makes things more concrete and relatable when it’s done with an example dialogue.

  6. Ouliana says:

    Love it! Great breakdown, I love the way you deconstruct and relate emotionally to what is said in the video. Please do more 🙂


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