5 steps to stand up for yourself

How you can be assertive in a connecting way.

Find out:
  • What the number one reason is why we don’t dare to stand up for ourselves and how you can change that.

  • How you can start today with taking care of yourself by using one simple sentence with people.

  • How to once and for all put an end to feeling responsible for how others feel.

  • How to say no in a way that leads to less upset and more understanding from the other person.

  • How to formulate a request in such a way that you drastically heighten the chance of a yes from others.

  • My worst attempt to stand up for myself and what I learned from that.

This training is for beginners in Nonviolent Communication.

How to Apply NVC In Your Daily Life

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Cara and I (Marianne) will work live with you on Zoom, where we’ll do an NVC demo with a few of you. You can bring in a case in which you found it hard to apply NVC and we’ll guide you. You can join to listen and keep your camera switched off, or participate actively, whatever feels comfortable. The session will be recorded.

The type of topics you can think of:
  • How to start doing NVC when you find it scary.

  • How to make NVC sound natural.

  • What to do when you still get into conflict even when trying NVC.

  • How to deal with people who are allergic to NVC.

  • How to make sure you get heard too, as opposed to just the person that doesn’t know NVC.

  • And more common issues!

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Full Yes Relationships

How you can have a better connection with your partner by being true to yourself.

Find out:
  • What the number one reason is why we don’t dare to fully be ourselves and how you can change that.

  • How you can know better what it is that you want and need, even in the heat of the moment

  • How to stop feeling responsible for how your partner feels.

  • How to resolve any clashes that may happen when you are more true to yourself

  • How to have a little fun while growing with your partner!

BEFORE YOU GO!Stuck in the communication with someone?

Use my Tough Talk Preparation Sheet for an easy, connecting talk. Let me know where I can send it!