Do you wonder how to interrupt someone that speaks longer than you like? In a way that is connecting.. 😁😅? I developed a simple formula based on Nonviolent Communication and I’m sharing it in my next video!



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  1. Linda Block says:

    Love the concise way you get points across and your use of real-life examples. Super helpful. Nicely done!

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Marianne,
    I love your videos for the humour, the care, the examples (shared reality!) and practical applications you consistently share. This one is particularly timely for me and also so effective in less than 2.5 minutes! I will definitely pass this on.

    Thank you for the generous sharing of your material.

  3. Anne says:

    Hi Marianne.
    I find your short videos very helpful. thank you.
    And I always get into a good mood just from looking at you 🙂

  4. Daniel and Delphine says:

    Thanks for these concrete examples, we really appreciate them! I love that the intention is to maintain a connection that has been lost, and it seems clear to me that everyone who is speaking wants the listener to stay connected to what they are saying, which they hope will fulfill their current needs (being understood, being heard, compassion, appreciation, etc.). Thanks Marianne!

  5. Jess says:

    I am so happy to find you and your work. I will try this out. Maybe in the video you could show the main questions to ask spelled out once visually- but I have yet to look at handouts! Thank you so much and look forward to more.

  6. Victor La Cerva says:

    I think you are doing wonderful work. This is just what folks need…short bits they can immediately put into practice and gradually make habitual. Brava! I know it can sometimes be discouraging when you don’t get the magnitude of cyber and social media response you’d like, but rest assured you are putting out good stuff in a way people can easily get it. Carry on!!

  7. Sanjeev Roy says:

    Simple and helpful. There are some people though who are poor listeners and this may not work with them. They interrupt right back. Have you come across experiences like these and do you have a suggestion for handling them?

    • Marianne van Dijk says:

      Yes I have come across that experience. I usually interrupt again and just observe what happens: ‘I guess there is something you would really like to say..and yet right now, I would like…how is that for you?’

    • Neela says:

      This is great. Yes, what you are saying makes sense and I think the tips which you shared are doable after a little practice. I appreciate your simple and short videos. PL keep it up.

    • Ines says:

      Thank you for this video Marianne! The examples you gave seem a little bit difficult to use in casual conversation to me. I get the idea and will try to adapt it to my style of speech, but would love more casual examples. Thank you!

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