There are some sentences that I use quite a lot ever since I started doing Nonviolent Communication. Sentences that easily create connection, clarity or provide self-care. In the NVC Program that I run, participants kept asking me to repeat them ‘so I can write it down’. I gathered these sentences so you can start using them as well!


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  1. Montse says:

    I love the one asking permision to interrupt and say what may be going on in me. This is poit of difficulty for me, as I sometimes interrupt people and they don’t like it. But I don’t do it to just say my word, it is simply that I will forget my point or what I am feeling at that moment does not allow me to listen to them anymore. So thank you!

  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the simple and very helpful suggestions. Another way of saying “interrupt“ is to ask “can we pause?“ That sounds more reciprocal to my ear.

  3. Mirek says:

    Hello Marianne,

    I remember the fifth sentence “Can I think about it and tell you tomorrow” as my biggest take-away from your webinar “Stand up for youself”. I feel some happines and relief because my need to be cared for is met – by your effort. Thanks.



  4. Mindy Taylor says:

    Thank you for these sentences. I think that number 5, can I think about it… is one that I want to utilize more. Making sure I have a “full yes” is something I want to work on. Also, number 6, as this to me seems like a way to work on a full yes from both parties.

  5. coni papin says:

    Once again…I have simple tools to use…Now I need lots of practice…Your videos really give me a feeling of hope because I need to learn and grow. Would you be willing to hear that?

    • Marianne van Dijk says:

      Thank you Coni, I can definitely receive your appreciation if that’s what you mean?

  6. Wanda Nunes de Pina says:

    Thank you, these sentences really are helpful when you need better ways to set boundaries and stay connected at the same time. Grazie!

    • Andy Philpott says:

      I love your use of natural and open language with NVC. It is a joy to witness you practicing this in a considerate and connective way. I’ve put it into use already and have received good feedback. Thank you Marianne!

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