If you heard about Nonviolent Communication, but you are still scared to share your message with someone, check out this video in which I’m giving you 5 tips around mindset, strategy and self care when it comes to sharing a scary message. I will also give you tips how to make it connecting and thus less likely to be hurtful for the other person, with the help of Nonviolent Communication. Let me know in the comments what you thought of it!

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  1. Mirek says:

    Hi Marianne,
    today, I used your tip no. 4, but in „the opposite direction “. I asked my wife a question, that can be answered simply by yes or no. I got a lot of words back and after her speech I asked „what is your answer to my question, yes or no? “. „I have already told you, yes “.
    Normally I would feel guilty or inadequate for not catching the answer. This time I remembered, that it is better to deliver a message in digestible pieces, which was not the case. As a result, I thought to myself “I am not obliged to catch everything that was said in a quick and unorganized way.”
    I stayed calm and my need for (self)-respect was satisfied. Thank you for your tips.

  2. Jill says:

    A big thank you Marianne. This was very useful for me because I’m reluctant to have these kind of conversations with people. I also feel terrible if I upset someone else by saying something to them that causes an upset. I shall be watching this video several times over and then find a friend that can be a guinea pig for me.


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