If you are dealing with PMS, or have a partner who is, this video is for you! You might be dealing with irritability, mood swings, and exhaustion in the week before menstruation, and maybe you have tried to deal with this on a physical level. PMS is often treated as a physical discomfort, and there are lost of videos with advice around exercise, diet, yoga..

But in reality you might not always manage to get the results you were hoping for, and I believe that the way that you talk to yourself about your cycle and unpleasant signs of it, and the the level to which you’ve figured out things with the people you live with really determines how you experience your cycle.

I will give you 5 tips to make sure talking to yourself and others about the pre-menstrual phase goes smooth, so you have an easier, supported experience. Let’s open a dialogue about this!!



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  1. marianne says:

    wow Marianne. Everything you say in this video is soooo helpful. I think i knew almost everything (i did not know it was once actually meant to chase the men away…) , but NOT in this way, put all together in logical order. thank you for this work. I will use it to spread the word…

  2. Anu says:

    Thank you!! Amazing. Yes, I am already warning my boyfriend or when I dont because it comes early lately he actually tells me. he keeps track in his head, that is so amazing! I like that you say it is good to postpone talks or meetings and also to repair stuff afterwards. thats lovely and so fair.
    i started years ago to take notes about my moods and changes and my thinking ability. ( I work as a waitress and I can tell my period is coming when I am especially clumsy and disorganiyed at work) So after taking notes afterwards for a year or two I now can already put it in my phone schedule. both the day when my fourth week peak hits in and the actual start of my period. It works pretty well. Just in case someone needs a tip how to get started 🙂

  3. Gloria says:

    This is a great offering as there is so much prejudice and misunderstanding about this phase of a woman’s cycle. It is very respectful and concrete and aims to support both partners in a relationship. However, I think it misses an opportunity by not describing this difficult phase as an opening for therapeutic insight and healing. Our increased sensitivity in this 4th week is a time to get more deeply in touch with emotional territory we may be avoiding or skating over during our tougher, more productive weeks. Those issues are unavoidably felt by us during that time. We can see this week as nature’s opportunity for growth and deepening, both as an individual and a couple.

    • Marianne van Dijk says:

      Oh wow, YES!!! I love this comment and I’ve indeed read about this elsewhere to. And I can relate to it. So thank you so much for adding this!

  4. Sonia Ferreira says:

    Dear Marianne, thank you so so much for this very valueable information!!! I did not know at all about the things we women are better at in each week of our cycle. This is so helpful for me to know!
    Thank you for all your effort and softness!
    Big hug


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