Having a sense of being heard is one of the most essential things to keep your relationship thriving. Is your partner not listening to you as much as you would like? You might be missing just one simple thing…

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  1. Sharon Zweck says:

    Hello there,
    I had something tough to say to my husband, so I thought for a long time about how to say it with NVC. I am really trying to use this in my life. However, my husband didn’t seem to hear what I was saying and started arguing with what I had just said, saying that this issue shouldn’t bother me. Now I feel I still have the first issue and the second issue of not being heard and dealing with his annoyance of me raising the issue at all. Any suggestions? (Besides deep breathing, and self-empathy)

    • Marianne van Dijk says:

      When someone says that you shouldnt be bothered by what you are bothered by, it means that they are uncomfortable with your issue and they need empathy. So then the next question is: do you have space to hear what is their discomfort about? It can also help to check whether you really had a giraffe message, you can check my video-list about having connecting conversations to do so. This will help prevent someone being uncomfortable. Another option: join my free webinar about more connection in your relationship and I’ll give you more tools around this: https://cupofempathy.com/webinar-more-connection-in-your-relationship/

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