When I just started my business, I was insecure about my quality as a trainer and feeling uncertain about approaching people that follow me (you!). So whenever I saw my fellow NVC trainers posting things on Facebook or writing emails, I would nervously read what they were up to and click around on their website. I vaguely thought this would keep me informed, but all it did was making me feel more nervous.
So then I decided to go on a Comparison Diet. I unfollowed the posts of my colleagues. Not because I didn’t want to learn from them, but I wanted to choose when I’m in the right mood to do so, and Facebook would feed me the posts whenever Facebook decided it was the right time! I just wanted to act more from the principle that there is no sensible way to compare yourself with others. None at all!
I’m sharing about the effect of the Comparison Diet and other ways to deal with envy and insecurity in the second part of my Ultimate guide to Jealousy video.


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