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Do you relate to this:

You feel anxious, overwhelmed or tired due to Corona and this in turn affects your relationship.

Your old relationship’s problems are intensified due to the crisis.

You’re in a relatively new relationship and the current situation makes things extra scary for you.

You don’t know how to overcome differences and resolve tension between you and your partner.

You don’t know what to do when your partner is angry or retreats.

You take responsibility for how your partner is doing and are hesitant to take care of your own needs.

I’m Marianne,

I’m a relationship coach and mediator trained in Nonviolent Communication. Over the past years I’ve trained hundreds of people from the US, the Netherlands and other countries. I also own the biggest Youtube channel about Nonviolent Communication worldwide.

Before learning Nonviolent Communication I had trouble standing up for myself. I had a burnout while being a philosophy student and got depressed while working as a journalist. I wasn’t able to be radically honest about my boundaries and didn’t even know that my relationships could be so much more nourishing.

When I took courses in NVC I started to stand for myself, I created an amazing love relationship and haven’t suffered from burnout or depression again.

I realized that the best way to take care of your relationship is to take care of yourself.

I can’t wait to share my tools with you and let you experience an amazing bond with a partner!

More harmony and connection with your partner:

Fully resolve any tension or conflict, creating real peace and harmony

Know how to address things in a connecting way, creating confidence and space for you in the relationship

Your partner opens up with you and shows vulnerability so you experience more connection

Know how to take care of yourself in the relationship, independent of what your partner does or says.

Have more fun together.

Who the program is suited for:

This program is suited for both those with minor and those with more severe relationship issues. If you have more severe problems, do keep in mind that this is a short program – if needed you can continue working with me after it.

This program is not suited for those who experience physical or emotional abuse in their relationship. When in doubt, send me an email at info@cupofempathy.com.

This program is suited for both complete beginners and those who are experienced in Nonviolent Communication.

What the program contains:

3 live group video calls in which you can bring in your cases and I will help you out. They will be recorded in case you miss any.

In between meetings you will have access to my Communication Formula which I’m sharing in videos. Watching the videos is optional, you can join the meetings also without. I invite you to use this course in the way that suits YOU. The videos will be available for long term, so you can also watch them after the course has finished.

In between meetings you can ask me questions every day of the working week in the secret Facebook Community, specifically setup for this course. I will give you guidance there for 6 weeks.

Practical info: this program is full. I will start a new one in September, contact me for more info!

Investment: 397,- euros
(430 American Dollars, 348 British Pounds, 602 Canadian dollars)
You will be asked to pay a symbolic 1 euro when you register for the program now, and will get a link in June at then end of the course for the remaining amount.

› Only sign up once even if your partner joins. You register only for one spot for the both of you. I dedicate a certain amount of time to each spot during the live calls, which means that if you each want more time, it’s better to each book a spot separately.

After signing up you will receive a confirmation email with more info. You will have access to the content/videos of the program right away.

› 14 days Money back Guarantee. If the program doesn’t fit you for whatever reason, let me know within 14 days and I give you a refund.

›  There are only 10 spots for this, so don’t wait too long signing up!

‘My relationship with my partner has evolved a lot as a result of me working with Marianne. In an intense disagreement with him, I calmly guessed some feelings and needs. I saw how miraculously it worked to diffuse the intensity, to help him feel heard and to deepen our connection. This was a real turning point for me. I felt tremendously empowered and relieved that I could face even the most challenging conflicts with more confidence.


Applying what I learned with Marianne has opened up and “unstuck” our communication.
I’m learning to drop my assumptions about me and my partner.
It seems it’s never too late to discover emotional freedom!


Do you have any questions?

Send me an e-mail at info@cupofempathy.com

Looking forward to meeting you!


BEFORE YOU GO!Stuck in the communication with your partner?

Use my Tough Talk Preparation Sheet for an easy, connecting talk. Let me know where I can send it!