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Better communication, happier relationships!


Do you notice that..

 When you have a disagreement it never seems to be completely resolved in a satisfying way.

You discover sometimes AFTER speaking with someone that you are not comfortable with something they said or did.

You don’t know how to say no to someone in a connecting way. You feel guilty about it or worried that they might judge you.

You don’t know how to deal with judgments from others about: your looks, your character, or choices you have made.

You take responsibility for someone else’s feelings.

Your partner or family member retreats and doesn’t want to speak. What to do?!

There keep on being misunderstanings between you and the people that matter to you. Why don’t they understand you?

We never learned in school how to communicate in relationships and solve conflicts.

You probably learned a few things by trial and error, but just like when you learn how to play an instrument, it saves so much time and energy when someone demonstrates what are the principles and techniques that really work.

I believe Nonviolent Communication offers the most amazing tools for relationships, because it is about finding the abstract, universal need behind someone’s words.

By doing this you get more connection and cooperation.

I’m Marianne,

I’m a trainer in Nonviolent Communication. Over the past years I’ve trained hundreds of people from both the US and the Netherlands. I also own one of the biggest NVC Youtube channels worldwide.

Before learning Nonviolent Communication I had trouble standing up for myself. I had a burnout while being a philosophy student and got depressed while working as a journalist. I wasn’t able to be radically honest about my boundaries and didn’t even know that my relationships could be so much more nourishing.

When I took courses in NVC I started to stand for myself, I transformed the connection with my family, created an amazing love relationship and haven’t suffered from burnout or depression again.

I realized that the best way to take care of a connection is to take care of yourself.

NVC offers such concrete steps in how to do that that I can’t wait to share them with you.

Concrete results of this course are:

You’ll know how to ask for what you need in a way that has a much higher chance to get a yes from someone.

 You’re able to say no in a way that is less likely to be painful for the other person.

When you are uncomfortable you are aware of it and you have the confidence to speak up in the moment itself.

 You dare to be more truthful and thus have a bigger sense of self-acception.

 You’re able to translate judgments from others so they hurt less.

You have concrete tools to come up with solutions that work for all people involved, making you a very popular person to work together with 😉 .

You are such a good listener that you notice people opening up with you even more than usually.

 You are more creative in finding strategies for your needs and thus have more of a sense of independence from your partner or family.

When you feel bad you know why and what to do, making sure that emotions dont get stuck and you stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Thanks to all of the above mentioned skills, you have more time and energy for work and other important goals.

Practical info:

  • 3 live meetings to learn and practice NVC and receive my feedback.
  • Free full access to my full NVC beginners 12-week online Program with videos and exercises (regular price for that is 397,- euro).
  • Bonus videos about how to do NVC with kids and how to do NVC at work.
  • Location live meetings, choose between:
    Amsterdam, Asterweg 20 N – Treehouse. This one is English spoken.
    Zaandam, Lobeliusstraat 12 (free parking). This one is in Dutch.
  • If you do the course in Amsterdam (English spoken), dates of the live meetings are:
    24th January
    7th February
    21st February
    All: 2pm – 5pm
    If you can’t attend all meetings, you can catch up in one of the Zaandam meetings.
  • If you do the course in Zaandam (Dutch spoken), dates are:
    28th February
    13th March
    27th March
    All: 2pm – 5pm
  • I like to give you personal attention so our group will be 10 people max.

Investment: € 179,-

NOTE: 1) You will need the discount code ‘livecourse2020’ in order to get the correct price!

2) In order for me to know whether you are coming to Amsterdam or Zaandam, please mention the correct location in the registration form, you can do that in the field ‘remarks’.

If you are a business owner, the cost of training can be filed under operating costs. Are you an employee? Ask your employer whether there is room for personal development. The training can be (partially) reimbursed by your employer. Here is a Pdf that explains to your employer/manager what makes the program so effective for the work environment.

‘My relationship with my partner has evolved a lot as a result of me doing this program. In an intense disagreement with him, I calmly guessed some feelings and needs. I saw how miraculously it worked to diffuse the intensity, to help him feel heard and to deepen our connection. This was a real turning point for me. I felt tremendously empowered and relieved that I could face even the most challenging conflicts with more confidence.


Practicing empathic listening with my husband has opened up and “unstuck” our communication.
I’m learning to drop my assumptions about both of us.
It seems it’s never too late to discover emotional freedom!