Are you stuck with someone?

And do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following:

 When you have a conflict it never seems to be completely resolved in a satisfying way.

When you stand up for yourself, it results in more frustration or distance.

You discover sometimes AFTER speaking with the other person that you are not comfortable with something they said or did.

You notice you take responsibility for each other’s feelings.

 You postpone addressing certain things with the other person.

You may think to yourself: ‘Maybe I should just not be in touch with this person anymore’.

We never learned in school how to communicate in relationships and solve conflicts. You probably learned a few things by trial and error, but just like when you learn how to play an instrument, it saves so much time and energy when someone guides you in the principles and techniques that really work.

I’m Marianne,

Over the past years I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, family members and colleagues who wanted to improve their connection.

I believe that the best way to take care of a connection is to take care of yourself.

NVC offers such concrete steps in how to do that that I can’t wait to support you with them.

Concrete results of the Connection Sessions:

  There is deep understanding between you and the other person

The other person will have clarity about your boundaries and about what you need. 

 You’re able to translate judgments from the other person so it’s easier to stay in harmony.

 You know what is the need behind the person’s strategies, so there is more space and creativity for solutions that work for both of you.

 You have concrete agreements on paper, so you actually stay on track with the other person.

‘We did the Connection Sessions with Marianne. She listened with a lot of empathy and created a very safe atmosphere. She is very efficient and to the point when finding out what it is that you really feel and need.’

Marcia Sanders

Who these sessions are for:

I ask for at least one of the two of you to have completed about 10 hours of NVC teaching (with me or someone else).

What the Connection Sessions-series contains:

  1. Two talks with you and the other person, guided by me. Each talk takes 2 hours and starts with some one-on-one time with each of you.
    N.B. Adding more sessions is possible.
  2. One check-in call with you two weeks after the last talk.

Practical info:

  • Location: Westerpark, Amsterdam.
  • Time: weekdays during working hours.
  • Language: Dutch or English

Investment: 397,- (for 2 sessions+check-in call)

BonusYou’ll receive the Agreements Clarity Sheet

I only have space for 2 pairs a month, so be quick to reserve your spot.

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 397,00 incl. BTW/VAT