Improve your money mindset with NVC. What is your biggest money jackal?


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  1. Lutgart Hanssens says:

    Lieve Marianne,
    dank je voor deze video met veel raakvlakken waar ik mee aan de slag wil.
    Deze keer werd ik behoorlijk afgeleid door de hemelse muziek waar ik helemaal in opga. Op die manier moest ik mij heel erg inspannen om je te horen. Mag in het vervolg de achtergrond muziek ietsje zachter ajb.
    Heel veel dank Marianne voor alle waardevolle filmpjes die je stuurt.

  2. Mona says:

    Money is not the evil. Our relationship with it perhaps needs to be checked?

    I need money as my resource, so I can take care of my material/physical needs.

  3. Noshiena says:

    Thank you so much for this useful video….Have a dream and a goal, but now a single mother who had the notion that I will be taken cared of by my husband and supported..traditional way of thinking which has been part of my belief system and how I have grown up.. unlearning this not easy.. so i guess my jackal would be… ” We cant have this now, we have to wait until we can” or We cant afford this.. or will I ever find a bigger place to live ..how will I take care of myself and my son.. Wish I could start this business but how will I pay the bills and live within my means and have a successful business..And i listened to your words and thought.. what story am I telling myself about money.. what is beneath this.. and its grieve, loss of love, stability and not being able to share this..with another..loneliness and lack of patience.. and right there the judgment of myself too.. perhaps I need to rethink this..

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