Application closed, if you applied you will be informed soon.

Are you gonna be my freelance video editor?

My company

n my business Cup of Empathy I’m helping women to stay true to themselves in their relationships, especially those with family and partner. I use a technique called Nonviolent Communication and my Youtube channel about this technique is currently the biggest English spoken one worldwide.

I would love to grow a lot more though: I’m posting videos twice a month now and want to change to posting once a week and making an upgrade in professionality of the videos. So I could use someone for my team to do the editing for these videos!


It would mean receiving my raw footage for 4 videos once a month, and then doing the editing (incl. adding music and text) and uploading it to YT. Subtitles are done by someone else. Raw footage is typically about 30 min per video, the end result is typically between 5-10 minutes. Brainstorming about improving the YT channel would be part of the tasks as well.

You can work from wherever you want as long as we can communicate regularly.


I’m looking for someone who:
-does video editing professionally and can show a portfolio.
-has a good eye for marketing/what my audience needs, as my business leads come from YT.
-Is super good with deadlines (I upload always on the same day and time).
-likes honest, clear and concise communication with me and the rest of my team.
-Aims for long term cooperation (so if you plan to do long travel without a lot of access to wifi, or planning to change career soon, we might not be a fit).
-Ideally is interested in Nonviolent Communication and can empathize with my female target audience.
-Ideally understands Dutch, as I sometimes record Dutch dialogues that aren’t yet translated in the raw footage.

Starting time is not 100% sure yet: most likely August or September.


Resume+motivation letter to be sent before 22nd of June to info@cupofempathy.com. It’s helpful if you can react to the requirements above and also give me an indication of your price.
YT channel can be checked at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2AK8ipP18I0alKXZXJgzbQ?view_as=subscriber

P.S. Please share this with someone you think is a good candidate!