Acting out my Resolved Conflicts – #1 The energy bill

Want to become a master in solving your disagreements and conflicts? Check this video in which I’m acting out a recent disagreement, including how I resolved it.

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  1. Marianne van Dijk says:

    What aspect of disagreements do you find the hardest? Let me know underneath! Also, did you like the format of this video, can I improve something?

  2. Fabrizia Mascolo says:

    What stike me most is the “honesty is safe” part…
    this is something very important to me
    I experienced many times an uncomfortable sensation when my honesty hasn’t being received well.
    It’s something I will work on

  3. Heleen Verleur says:

    Wauw, Marianne, ik heb iedere keer weer mijn petje af, voor je. Vooral ook je geduld om naar alles te kijken, terwijl dit er op sommige momenten erg heftig kan toegaan. Zeker als je emotioneel ‘involved’ bent. You are doing great! That’s what I want to tell you. Warm greatings!

  4. Miranda Brown says:

    Hey Marianne,
    loved your imitation of your partner – works for me! – I would enjoy seeing more of “him”

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