3 destructive ways of ‘resolving’ your conflict

Everyone has their own style of dealing with a conflict, and sometimes it’s one that does not FULLY resolve the conflict.

If you don’t fully resolve your conflicts, they usually come back worse.

Watch my video about the 3 ways of dealing with conflict that don’t work, and what to do instead with the help of Nonviolent Communication:



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How I cured my depression with Nonviolent Communication

I suffered for years from depressions, both mild ones and serious ones.
I didn’t start doing NVC in order to overcome my depressions, but after some time doing it, I noticed that my mental health improved tremendously. 

Watch my video about how NVC resulted in being depression-free



Saying what you don’t like – quick NVC tip

How do you address something with another person? Sharing your need helps tremendously. But there is another crucial thing that I see my students sometimes forget. Check out what that is in the video: